All eCall SMS APIs

We will provide you with all the important interfaces (SMS API). All interfaces, except e-mail, are only available to our business customers. The connection is free of charge.

Illustration eCall API interfaces

Interfaces for integrated business messaging via our Swiss SMS gateway.

Easily connect eCall to your applications, websites or apps through our flexible and powerful interfaces. Upgrace your business and web applications with reliable SMS functionality through the eCall SMS gateway.

We provide developers with a wide range of sample applications and a free source code. Try any interface with all functions here free of charge



access allows messages to be sent from any software over the Internet. In this way, messages can be sent simply by calling up a URL.

This method is particularly suitable as a solution for web programmers (from PHP, .ASP…) . Simply put, it is functionally equivalent to calling up a web page.

WebService access

The WebService access offers the possibility to send messages to different call systems via standardised web methods.

Universal Computer Protocol (UCP)

To exchange text messages between different network elements and an SMSC, the Universal Computer Protocol (UCP) is used.

E-mail interface

This access makes it possible to send a transmission order directly by e-mail to a mobile phone (SMS), to a pager, to a fax (incl. file attachment), or to a telephone (voice message). Any e-mail program (MS Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Lotus Notes, …) can be used for this purpose.

SMPP access

This service provides access to the short message peer to peer (SMPP) interface to send SMS. The SMPP interface uses a standard protocol that is primarily used to connect to short message service centres (SMSC) for mobile phones. This direct connection allows, among other things, a large amount of messages to be sent very quickly, easily and reliably.

TCP/IP access

Using the universal TCP/IP access, a software can send messages directly via the internet.

The uniform SMS API of our gateway simplifies your business communication

  • Quick and easy integration into your business application
  • SMPP, WebService, HTTP/HTTPS, UCP and TCP/IP specifications
  • Code examples
  • No setup fees for the APIs
  • No licence fees
Illustration eCall SMS-Gateway
Preview of the eCall product brochure: Enterprise Messaging Solutions (SMS, fax, e-mail, push or voice message)

Find out here about the functions and features offered by our gateway and the SMS API

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