RCS – Rich Communication Services will soon be available to our customers

Take advantage of this opportunity and join our early adopter list. Once the new RCS Rich Communication Services technology is ready for you, you can get started straight away.

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Are you ready for RCS – the new generation of text messaging?

The RCS “Rich Communication Services” technology will sooner or later replace the good old SMS. eCall is also looking to implement the new standard and has therefore started the development of a client in its “programming forge”. RCS will soon be available to our customers as a new communication channel in our portal.

Especially in the area of customer communication, RCS opens up countless new possibilities. Reservations, advice, sales, support or confirmations can be handled directly in the chat dialogue. But this is only part of the existing potential. Companies from every industry can look forward to business messaging moving to the next level.

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Great benefits for companies and customers offered by RCS

The new channel in marketing is a win-win situation for companies and their customers in their mobile communication. For example, a hotel guest with a room reservation can talk to the receptionist before arriving, choose breakfast, make reservations in the restaurant, order food or drinks, take another look at pictures of their room, etc. Soon, purchases will also be possible directly in the chat channel, including payment options, and much more.

Additional virtual sales market for business messaging with yet unimagined potential

This is not only an exciting communication channel, but also an additional lucrative sales market that has great potential. This type of customer communication can certainly be classified as conversational marketing, a trend in online marketing. Intelligently set up, with man and bot power, your customers and leads can contact you whenever it is most convenient for them.

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RCS is much more then a messenger app

“Rich Communication Services” is not just a new messenger service like WhatsApp.
As the name suggests, it is a standard, identical to SMS (Short Message Service).

Your benefits of RCS

No mobile app

Only one mobile phone number is required. RCS works without the need to install additional apps.

Sender with verification

The sender is branded and verified, with a company logo. This builds trust with your target audience and increases the response and interaction rate.

Numerous functions

In addition to simple characters, you can also send image files, gifs, video, streams, audio files, etc.

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