Send mTAN, One Time Passwords OTP & other security codes by SMS

Access protection for important logins and portals on the Internet: mTAN, One Time Passwords OTP and other security codes.

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The current password “hit parade” lists *123456*, *password* and *12345678* at the top…

Use two-factor authentication to protect important Internet access points and logins from unauthorized access and hacking. The simplest form of two-factor authentication is to send transaction numbers (TANs) in the form of SMS text messages or voice messages. Today, everyone carries their cellphone with them at all times.

Standing out from the competition

No matter where in the world you want to send mTANs: Via eCall your messages will find their destination reliably and at lightning speed. With our SMS gateway, we offer you a solution that is always one step ahead of the competition thanks to intelligent routing.

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Have mTAN read out via a voice call

“High Privacy Voice” – Exclusive to eCall is the combination of sending mTANs via “Text-to-Speech” with the High Privacy security option: Our system reads the security code to the recipient. After processing, all contents are overwritten and can no longer be reconstructed or intercepted. This feature is the ideal addition for confidential to critical content, such as in the area of banking.

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Standing out from the competition

Our Targeted SMS Routing function sets us apart from our competitors. eCall supports numerous SMS providers with various roaming partners. Routes can be optimized based on the destination number and selection of providers. This ensures consistent high quality in national and international traffic.

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Special tool:
SMS Routing Finder

The tool enables you to send your SMS messages to their recipients’ cellphones using your own selected routes–– even messages destined for regions with less widespread coverage. Routing Finder sends text messages to your cellphone along various routes, with a dedicated security code as ID for each message. You receive a message and security code from every functioning route. Simply enter the security code in the tool to confirm your choice of route.

Preview of the eCall brochure: mTAN (SMS Gateway for two-factor authentication)

Download eCall mTAN flyer

Learn more from our flyer about how sending mTAN (transaction numbers) via SMS can be used for 2-factor authentication.

Areas of application of the mTAN procedure

The sending of SMS TANs is used where access to sensitive data in the online area is concerned:


Release of deposits and withdrawals
for e-banking and credit cards.

Customer portals

Protection of logins to customer
portals and community platforms.

One Time Password

One Time Password (OTP) for access to a WLAN or as identification in the registration process.

Our price models

We offer different price models or individual conditions. Let’s talk about a tailor-made offer to suit your needs. Our price overview will give you some initial pointers.

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Ihre Vorteile mit dem mTAN Versand von eCall

  • High availability based on redundant infrastructure
  • Easy operation––users need only a cellphone
  • Top transmission quality thanks to targeted SMS routing
  • No additional costs for apps or hardware (token)
  • Own SMS sender
  • Direct connection to top Swiss providers

Try out sending mTAN right now!

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