Two-factor authentication by SMS

eCall protects your IT infrastructure and sensitive data from unauthorised access. Send mTANs and one-time passwords (OTP) via SMS as part of your two-factor authentication.

Illustration eCall Zugangsschutz mit Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung

Schutz für Zugänge und Logins im Internet mit einer 2-Faktor-Authentifizierung

Companies invest a lot of money in protecting their IT infrastructures and data from unauthorised access. However, it is often not the technologies that are the weak point, but the users. Attacks occur through insecure passwords, manipulation, or the use of keyloggers. It is therefore essential to protect important login information online against unauthorised access with two-factor authentication.

2FA will significantly reduce identity theft, phishing attacks, and other attempts at online fraud. In addition to entering a user name and password, users must identify themselves with another component in the form of a code. Even if access data has already fallen into the wrong hands, online fraud attempts can be prevented with these additional authentication features (Source: KPMG).

Good reasons for two-factor authentication via SMS from eCall:

  • Usernames and passwords are no longer secure enough
  • The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires secure authentication options
  • Today, virtually everyone has a mobile phone and can receive SMS messages. Therefore, eCall can be implemented as a cost-effective and simple SaaS solution with existing IT infrastructure
  • Simple connection to interfaces (API) and to software from global providers such as RSA SecurID Appliance, SMS Passcode (via web service), and SafeNet (via HTTPS).
  • Absolute reliability, high availability, and fast message transmission
  • High dispatch quality at home and abroad through SMS routing finder
  • Leading business messaging provider in Switzerland

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Preview of the eCall brochure: This is how eCall protects your data against hackers (two-factor authentication)

This is how eCall protects your data against hackers

Learn more about two-factor authentication from our flyer and how you can use it to effectively protect your accesses and logins from unauthorised persons.

Two-factor authentication –
this is how our solution is used in practice

“Data security in online operations is a growing concern for us and our customers. It’s all too easy to hack passwords these days. We wanted the login process for our customer website to use higher security than just password protection.”

– Markus Frischknecht, IT Consultant

Customer login security

eCall offers the option of sending your customers a mobile transaction number (mTAN) as an access code in the form of a text message. The function serves as an extra element in your security process, protecting you and your customers from data theft more effectively.

“A simple login is no longer enough when employees need to be given access to specific areas despite high security levels. To protect our company the most effectively, what we need is an extra security query level.”

– Fabian Schmidt, IT Security

Controlled data access

The eCall SMS Gateway enables you to assign one-time passwords (OTPs) to authorized employees and allows you to control access. This additional layer of security provides optimum protection for your data. We guarantee maximum availability for password messaging.

“We’d like to make the eBanking services of our regional bank secure, yet simple for our customers to use. To do so, we want to provide secure data access and browser-based online transactions based on one-time passwords sent as text messages. However, the messaging service used for the process must offer a high level of data security, and must not be based abroad.”

– Tobias Keller, Bank Manager

eBanking login

eCall uses only top national providers to send mTANs, ensuring that information remains within the country. The extra High Privacy option overwrites all content after it has been processed by our system, preventing the original text message from being reconstructed.

Preview of the eCall product brochure: Enterprise Messaging Solutions (SMS, fax, e-mail, push or voice message)

Learn from our brochure how to optimise
your business processes with our SMS gateway

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