SMS gateway for sending and receiving business SMS

Send and receive text messages worldwide with our SMS gateway using software, interfaces, web applications or apps.

Use of eCall Business Messaging in the IT and telecommunications sector

Quick implementation of the SMS gateway in CMS/ERP systems
and and numerous interfaces

Integrate the Swiss SMS gateway into your CRM or ERP system, apps, desktop applications, software or websites. With our messaging service, you can send text messages to mobile phones around the world at lightning speed and receive reliable replies.

Our system achieves a delivery rate of over 99.9 %. Automatic reply SMS messages are also available. In addition, we offer all the appropriate interfaces (API) to send business SMS securely and at lightning speed.

The eCall gateway offers these interfaces (API)

SMPP, HTTPS, E-Mail, WebService, REST etc.

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Icon eCall Interfaces SMPP SMS API, E-Mail, HTTPS and WebService API
Illustration Testing our SMS Interfaces SMPP, HTTPS, E-Mail, WebService, etc with full functionality

SMS gateway functionality and areas of application

You can use our gateway to send SMS messages to and from individual persons, groups or machines via the eCall interfaces.

Automated sending and receiving is done directly from your company’s software (POS, bookings, reservations), your mobile apps or with your usual email program.

Security / access codes for logins

More about 2-factor authentication

Delivery of mobile TANs (mTAN)

Find out more about mTAN

One-time password for WLAN access

Get to know more about OTP

Reminder and confirmation of appointments

More about appointment reminders by SMS

Delivery of reservation confirmations

Read more about reservation confirmations via SMS

Sending collection notifications

More about the collection notifications by SMS

Sending activation codes for apps

Learn more about activation codes via SMS

Confirmations of financial transactions

Get to know more about mTAN

Information on technical faults

Find out more about SMS alerts

The eCall SMS gateway – explained in simple terms

An SMS gateway facilitates the sending and receiving of SMS messages using devices other than mobile phones.

Preview of the eCall product brochure: Enterprise Messaging Solutions (SMS, fax, e-mail, push or voice message)

Learn how to optimise your business processes with our SMS gateway.

Icon eCall Interfaces

Interfaces for the SMS gateway

Our system offers various APIs: SMPP, HTTPS, WebService, E-Mail etc. as well as connections to standard software from RSA SecurID Appliance, SMS Passcode and SafeNet.

Additional option: Business SMS prioritisation

With the “top prioritisation” option, you can send important messages to your recipients in seconds: for example, security codes to mobile phones as part of an access security system or even as a mass mailing.

Icon eCall SMS dispatch with high priority
Icon eCall High Privacy

Additional option: High Privacy SMS

We have developed this privacy option for sending sensitive data such as mTANs, OTPs, security or access codes, passwords, patient data, banking and insurance information. After transmission, the system overwrites the message so that it cannot be reconstructed. This makes this feature ideal for confidential or critical content.

Discover even more additional options
for your individual requirements here.

Your benefits of the eCall SMS gateway

  • Quality – send messages with a direct connection to top Swiss providers
  • Security – data remains in Switzerland at all times
  • Reliability – system availability of > 99.9 % thanks to redundant gateway infrastructure
  • Speed – delivery of business SMS to anywhere in the world in seconds
  • Service – billing via monthly invoice, own sender numbers

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Illustration the advantages of eCall online SMS at a glance

eCall SMS Gateway –
this is how our solution for business messaging is used in practice

Extend web applications, apps and web portals with the functionality of SMS sending with eCall

Web applications, apps and web portals

Extension of the functionality by sending SMS.

Extend the functionality of ERP systems and CRM solutions with eCall by integrating text messaging

ERP systems and CRM solutions

Functional upgrade through the integration of text messaging.

Increasing customer satisfaction through personal customer communication with eCall

Personal customer communication

Increase customer satisfaction through better customer service via SMS with order confirmations, delivery notifications, booking confirmations, pick-up reminders, reservation confirmations, appointment reminders, flight information or taxi orders.

Illustration eCall Conversational Marketing

Marketing campaigns

Increase sales thanks to high customer attention during promotions. 98% of all text messages are proven to be read. The response rate is up to 100 times higher compared to any other communications channel.

Illustration Corporate Communications

Corporate or organisational communication

Direct and fast communication with employees, suppliers, partners, residents, members, pupils or students. The response time is on average 90 seconds compared to 90 minutes for e-mails.

Illustration eCall mTAN for 2-factor authentication

Two-factor authentications

High access security with simple handling by sending SMS with mTANs, one-time passwords, access codes etc. to mobile phones.

Over 15,000 customers from a wide
range of industries rely on eCall

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Our pricing models

We offer different pricing models or individual terms. Let’s talk about a tailor-made offer to suit your needs. Our price overview will give you some initial pointers.

Illustration eCall Prices
Preview of the eCall brochure: Business communication via SMS (The four most important reasons)

Supplement your business communication with SMS functionalities to inform customers, patients and employees – for example with by sending appointment reminders.

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