Sending messages
with eCall

Send messages with eCall: via SMS, fax, e-mail, pager messages, voice messages (Text-2-Speech) and push. And soon also via RCS “Rich Communication Standard”…

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These communication channels are available to you

Icon eCall SMS


You can send SMS from our web portal, with any e-mail programme or via one of our interfaces (API).

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Send fax messages directly from your familiar e-mail programme or our web portal. You can also fax via interfaces.

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Via eCall, you can send e-mail-to-SMS or SMS-to-e-Mail messages with any e-mail programme. In the same way, you can send fax-to-e-mail and e-mail-to-fax messages. In addition, you can send push messages to the messenger “Threema” via mail.

Icon eCall Pushnachrichten Threema

Push messages

With eCall, it is possible to send push messages to users of the Swiss messenger app Threema. You can select an individual sender and off you go. Sending is possible via our web portal from your account as well as with any email programme.

Icon eCall Pager


eCall allows you to send messages to pagers directly in our web portal.

Icon eCall SMS to Speech

Voice messages | Text-to-speech

Written text can be converted to a voice message by our system. eCall then calls the desired recipient and reads out the message (also on the fixed network). You send voice messages via web portal from your account or via interface.

Coming soon: RCS!

The technology RCS “Rich Communication Standard” will sooner or later replace the good old SMS. eCall also relies on the new standard and has therefore started the development of a client in its “programming forge”. Soon you will be able to send messages via RCS.

Find out more about RCS

Icon eCall RCS
Preview of the eCall product brochure: Enterprise Messaging Solutions (SMS, fax, e-mail, push or voice message)

Find out which functions our SMS gateway offers when receiving messages

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