Notification of disturbances and overview of system status

You can register for our informationservice for notification of malfunctions at any time further down the page. Simply send us your e-mail address, the name of your company and which system you are using.

On the status page you can see the current status of our systems at any time. We will also inform you about upcoming maintenance work and releases.

Registration for the notification service for malfunctions & maintenance work by e-mail

In case of malfunction and service messages regarding our services, we will inform you directly to the e-mail addresses you have requested:

  • Tell us all the e-mail addresses in your company to which we should send the corresponding messages.
  • Please be sure to specify which service you would like to receive notifications for.

Click on the blue button below to sign up for the notification service:

eCall status page of F24 Schweiz AG

On our status page you can find out everything about the current status of our various services:

  • eCall Business Messaging
  • 963 sms-portal (SMS competitions, subscription & info services)
  • eCall dialin (Former Swisscom service “SMS Single Account”)
  • sikado express (SMS Alerting & Technical Alerting)

We also inform you there about planned maintenance work and updates. We recommend that you bookmark the status page in your web browser.

Registration Info-Service Malfunctions and Maintenance.

  • Tell us all the e-mail addresses of your company to which we may send the relevant messages.
  • Please specify the service for which you would like to receive notifications.

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