E-mail interface

You have the option of sending a transmission order by email to a mobile phone (SMS/push), to a pager, to a fax (including file attachment) or to a telephone (voice message). You can use any mail program (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc.) for this purpose.

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Configure & test

The e-mail interface can be activated free of charge. To test please register here
Then log in to complete the setup in your account under Interfaces -> E-mail Interface

Activation and configuration of the e-mail API eCall account

Activate in the menu ‘Account settings–>E-mail access’ the option ‘allow messages via e-mail‘.

eCall e-mail interface – send e-mail via eCall portal

Allowed sender addresses: Here it is defined from which email address (sender) it is permitted to send a message via eCall to, for example, a mobile phone.

eCall e-mail interface – eCall provides access settings for the media SMS, Fax, Threema and Voice

Settings for SMS messages

eCall e-mail interface – a separate sender or a sender of eCall can be used as a reply option

Here you define whether the recipient receives the specified number ‘Reply to number’ as sender or sees a number from eCall (SMS response via eCall) as sender. In the second variant, the recipient has three days to reply to this number so that the reply can be delivered to the sender.

Settings for push messages

Under Access settings, click the hand icon on Threema to access the sender and recipient settings..

eCall e-mail interface – receipt and sending via Threema can be activated in the settings
eCall e-mail interface – the e-mail interface can be activated by clicking the checkbox

Here you can activate forwarding for a push messages to a Threema recipient in the To field. In addition, a default sender or a custom sender can be set up.

Settings for fax messages

Here you have the option of defining, for example, the sender or the number of delivery retries. You have the same options as for the settings in the web interface.

For explanations of each fax setting, click here.

eCall e-mail interface – there are numerous settings for sending faxes with eCall

Procedure for sending SMS, fax and push messages

1. Choose format:

The most commonly used formats:

Special formats:

Additional commands: By inserting certain keywords (commands) in the e-mail, you can trigger additional actions.
Further information on additional commands can be found here in the help portal.

2. Start the mail program and create a new message

Start your mail programme and compose a message using one of the formats.

Important information about the e-mail interface
  • For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you specify a security string for each activated format.
    ► Here you can find detailed information about this
  • To send messages by e-mail, you have to activate the checkbox ‘I consent to messages being sent by e-mail via my eCall account’ under the menu item “Settings” (see 1. Configuration).
  • Please note that the length of the transmitted message depends on the recipient and on your account type
    (mobile phone: max. 160 – 1600 characters / pager: max. 80 characters).
  • With the prepaid account up to 5 senders, with a business contract up to 5000 senders and/or
    optionally also e.g. *@xy.ch (wild chars), can be defined.
  • After opening your account, only format 4 is available. If you have an eCall private or eCall business account, you can also activate other formats in the personal settings.
  • As sender address, your e-mail must contain an address that you have entered in the list of allowed sender addresses in your personal settings (see Allowed sender addresses).

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