Certificates for our HTTPS Applications

We obtain certificates for our HTTPS applications from DigiCert, Inc. These certificates are pre-installed in many operating systems and client applications such as browsers and enjoy excellent acceptance. This means that our certificates are usually accepted out-of-the-box.

Applications that do not have a Certificate Authority pre-installed can obtain the required Root Certificate and Intermediate Certificate directly from DigiCert: www.digicert.com/kb/digicert-root-certificates.htm

From June 27, 2022, this Intermediate Certificate Authority will be used

Digicert Zertifikat TLS RSA
Zertifikat Digicert Global CA

Certificate for *.ecall.ch and *.alarm.dolphin.ch

Issued by: DigiCert TLS RSA SHA256 2020 CA1
Valid from: 28.06.2022, 10:00 a.m.

Serial Number: 08:94:8A:56:36:DB:69:DF:9B:58:F7:29:A0:DE:8E:16
SHA-1 Fingerprint: 73:D8:85:D8:84:1E:6D:2D:98:8F:E9:23:67:EB:FF:52:4F:7A:61:AC
SHA-256 Fingerprint: F4:A4:0B:96:06:C1:08:52:71:2B:A3:39:88:78:9B:D6:83:AA:67:0E:1F:6D:CB:D4:20:F0:F1:D5:1C:95:1F:22

You can get the certificate here:

Certificate for *.alarm2.dolphin.ch

Issued by: DigiCert TLS RSA SHA256 2020 CA1
Valid from: 27.6.2022, 09:00 a.m.

Serial Number: 0D:06:D0:8D:BC:7A:D5:41:D8:A7:6B:C3:18:85:E3:F9
SHA-1 Fingerprint: 40:9F:F9:11:AC:B1:09:C0:95:AB:E7:4A:B5:CC:92:14:60:AA:1C:21
SHA-256 Fingerprint: C4:B1:06:5C:F2:8D:55:19:6E:80:3A:11:67:7B:5C:AC:E2:53:59:B8:37:28:D6:75:C5:9B:46:25:D2:D7:89:2E

Do you need the certificate as .pem file? Then please send us a message to [email protected]

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