Send reservation and booking confirmations by SMS

Make it as easy as possible for your guests and customers. Avoid them having to download an app. Send reservation confirmations & booking confirmations via SMS.

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Quickly and easily send confirmation of reservations and bookings
via text message to a mobile phone

Smartphones and mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life. In Switzerland alone, there are around 6 million smartphone users.
SMS enjoys a high level of attention and trust. Use this potential to strengthen your guest or customer service.

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  • Table reservations
    As confirmation of the reservation, a confirmation is sent to their mobile phone, immediately, without any delay. All relevant information, such as place and time, is sent in a manageable format.
  • Booking confirmation
    Guest service in the hotel industry, tourism and the travel industry in general is an absolute priority. Offer your customers the option to receive confirmation of their booking or room reservation, event or other arrangements, simply and directly by text message. Text messages reach your guests, regardless of wifi or internet coverage, worldwide.
  • Send mobile tickets by text message
    Send e-tickets by text message. This means your customers don’t have the hassle of printing tickets, and they always have their ticket to hand.

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Give your guests the choice! As well as the classic confirmation email, give your customers the option to receive confirmation by text. Each guest can choose how they want to receive their reservation and booking confirmation, depending on their own needs and requirements. Guest service at its best.

Confirmations of reservations and bookings via SMS for more guest and customer convenience

  • Today’s guests and customers value the variety and selection of channels they can use to receive information or confirmations. Particularly when it comes to bookings when you’re out and about, you often don’t have access to a printer. A text message with a confirmation or an e-ticket makes life much easier.
  • The Deloitte-Report 2018 shows that today’s mobile phone users interact with their mobile around 45 times per day. By 2023, they expect an increase of 20 per cent.
  • Text messages offer several advantages for you and your customers.
  • Regardless of the type of mobile phone, text messages are always received, and do not end up in a spam folder or junk the way emails do. Text messages are also read and understood more quickly, and are generally read within 3 minutes of receipt.
  • Make life as easy as possible for your guests and customers. No need to download apps first to allow mobile communication. A text message delivers your reservation or booking confirmation directly to your customers.
  • Fast, simple, targeted.

Thousands of customers from
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Application examples for reservation and booking confirmations

  • Sending e-tickets (passenger transport, airlines, event organisers)
  • Room confirmations (hotels, travel agents, tourism)
  • Table reservations (restaurant businesses, event organisers)

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