Send and receive push messages
to Threema users

With eCall, you can send push messages to users of the Swiss messenger app Threema. Directly from your account or e-mail program.

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Select an individual sender and off you go

The message is sent from your usual browser in our web portal or e-mail program. A message may contain up to 3’000 characters. If you already have an eCall account (Business or Prepaid), you can start right away.

No additional registration or logins are required. Simply log in using the link below and send push messages from our portal. Log in & send messages

You don’t have an eCall account yet?

No problem. Here you can set up your personal account in just a few steps:

How to send push messages

Using your eCall account

In your eCall account, simply select the “Threema” sending method in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen under “Send”. The picture below shows how to send a message in four simple steps. Log in to eCall

Using an e-mail program

Send push messages conveniently and easily with any e-mail program. eCall offers you various options to do this.

Send push messages in four easy steps

  1. Enter the destination address of the recipient
  2. Write the message

3. Select the sender
4. Send the message

A push message to Threema can be sent via eCall in four simple steps
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Do you need more information?

You can find further instructions
in the eCall help centre

Use push messages effectively in customer communication

Push messages are an effective tool for communicating with customers. They are ideal for sending important information such as special offers or promotions. This can increase sales and engagement with your target audience. Send push messages with relevant content making it easy for customers to stay up to date and well informed at all times.

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Simply try it out for free. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you individually.

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