Text-to-speech: SMS read aloud via phone call

When sending SMS to a cell phone or landline phone, text-to-speech messages are automatically converted to voice messages.

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SMS read aloud as a voice message also for people with impaired vision

Voice messages can be sent to any mobile or landline phone. The service is supported worldwide. The system calls the recipient and reads the message to them. This can be useful for people with visual impairments. After receiving the message, the message can be listened to again and the reception confirmed manually. If the recipient is not reachable, the system repeats the message twice with an interval of five minutes.

Illustration eCall Text to Speech function with loudspeaker

Send text-to-speech messages easily and quickly with eCall

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Text-to-Speech – Have fixed network SMS read aloud to the recipient via phone call

Landline SMS: Our system converts the written text to speech, calls the recipient and reads the message to them. You send text-to-speech SMS directly from your eCall account or via an interface (API).

The system automatically recognises the language of the written text and outputs it in the corresponding language version: German, English, French or Italian.

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Learn how to optimise your business processes with our SMS gateway.

Read aloud mTANs

eCall also sends mTANs as text-to-speech on request. For 2-step authentication, confidential information such as mobile transaction numbers or access codes can also be transmitted as voice messages via call.

Two decisive advantages of a voice message:

A call always reaches its destination. In the case of text messages, there may be delays in delivery in international traffic, depending on the provider and the recipient’s country.

► We are the only provider that protects voice messages with an additional security feature. With the High Privacy Voice option, the system overwrites the message , so that it cannot be reconstructed after transmission.

eCall saves the landline SMS

Since 1 July 2018, sending and receiving SMS to fixed network numbers is no longer possible without further ado. Swisscom has discontinued the “landline SMS” service. Receiving SMS on a fixed network number is now only possible if the message is sent directly to a mobile phone number – or if it is sent via eCall.

With the eCall SMS-to-Speech service, you can still send SMS messages to landline phones. The system recognises whether the recipient is a landline number and delivers the message as an audio message. SMS from technical devices (such as sensors, modems or similar) can also be received and forwarded accordingly by eCall.

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