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Find out more about the additional options for our eCall business accounts. Customise your solution to meet your individual needs.

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These options are available

Individual needs meet a wide range of design options: With a business account, you have many additional options available to you. We offer these options exclusively to eCall business account holders.

This allows our business customers to implement their solutions individually according to their wishes.

Icon eCall SMS dispatch with high priority

Send SMS online with top prioritisation

In addition to the higher priority given to business customers’ messages, you can also choose an even higher level. With SMS top prioritisation, our system processes your messages with the highest internal priority. Routing is exclusively via Swiss top-quality providers. This guarantees that your important SMS messages reach their recipients fast, reliably and securely. This is essential, for example, in cases where text messages are used as part of two-factor authentication to boost access security.

High Privacy

Activate our High Privacy function to send sensitive personal data as SMS text message, text-to-speech or fax. This provides you with a professional, which is easy to use and offers complete data security. After sending, the system overwrites the message, preventing it from being reconstructed. Only the connection data remains visible in the logbook. This option is the ideal complement for confidential to critical content.

Icon eCall High Privacy
Icon eCall 24/7 Service Level Agreement Premium

SLA Premium

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) Premium provides support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can contact the personal and professional hotline to receive assistance at any time. Your account manager will resolve any issues quickly and adequately. You stay informed about the state of affairs around the clock.


Another business feature is the use of a VPN tunnel to us. This option offers maximum security for the administration of your account, but also for sending orders. We recommend this option for secure data transmission of sensitive content.

Icon eCall VPN tunnel
Icon eCall e-mail placeholder

E-mail wildcard

This feature allows all employees with the same domain to be automatically authorized to send messages via the corresponding eCall account. You can request activation of a placeholder. All email addresses of a company usually end in the same way (in the case of Muster AG, for example, this would be ‘’). Simply replace the employee’s name with an asterisk *.

Custom e-mail layout | white labeling

We can design all layouts of emails sent to you by our system, such as status and error messages, confirmations of receipt, etc., according to your individual requirements:

  • Own header and/or footer
  • Free design of the e-mail content
  • No advertising in header and footer
  • Deleting of disclaimers from incoming e-mails

This feature is only available to business customers. We recommend this option if automatic processing of e-mails (parsing) takes place.

Icon eCall e-mail layout
Icon eCall Logbook

Log file delivery

The send log file business feature provides further options for professional monitoring and control of your eCall account. Logged data are easy to archive and can be analysed with more precision. The log files can also be used as a basis for invoicing your customers, for example. Log file transmission by email can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Mass fax mailings

All you have to do is to send us the documents and the fax numbers. We’ll do the rest. This makes mass fax mailings easy and fast. Our services: receipt of list of numbers, PDF and parameters for mailing, test mailing for quality verification, assembly and preparation of the mailing, activation of the mailing using the mass fax Gateway, sending, definition of your desired mailing time, mailing log and invoicing.

Icon eCall Fax mass sending on demand
Icon eCall Fax

Customised fax cover sheet

We offer our business customers the option to create their own fax cover sheet with logo, matching fonts, graphics, etc., based on their corporate design. The cover sheet is in RTF format and can be edited i.a. in Word. HTML format can also be used.

Icon eCall information

eCall tip: «Automatic reply SMS»

Would you like to send automatic reply SMS messages to your customers, patients or employees? eCall does this for you when you receive a message on a virtual mobile phone number rented from us. You can design the content of the replies individually according to your needs.

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