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Send targeted promotional messages to the right people: Vouchers, discount codes, limited-time offers, deals and promotions – via a single, centralised channel.

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Welcome to the world of efficient

Customer communication through WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, you gain a direct, personal and innovative channel to your customers. WhatsApp newsletters work like email newsletters. You send messages via our platform to several recipients at the same time – with your logo and with images, documents or videos. WhatsApp messages are much more successful than email: They are read massively more often than emails. And you can immediately see how many recipients have actually opened your WhatsApp message Find out all the details in our blog article

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Focus on your campaigns – we take care of the technical complexity

Supervised onboarding – Our experts will support you personally every step of the way and set up the platform and business account for you. We help you create the first newsletters as WhatsApp templates with text and images and work with you to adapt the automated dialogue via the channel when customers want to sign up.

  • The service is EU-compliant in terms of data protection – in accordance with the GDPR and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG 09/2023).

  • Opt-in and opt-out of your customers complies with the latest Swiss legal standard. Your customers can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves via QR code or link.

  • Extensive statistics and tracking functions are available to provide you with detailed insights and analyses of user behaviour and performance.

  • You receive a powerful campaign portal with an optional multilingual chat bot whose texts can be customised.

  • Mobile phone number – you can book as many mobile numbers as you want with us without having to deal with a telecoms provider.

  • The pricing for sending messages and communicating with your customers is fair and attractive.

It’s so easy for your customers to sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter

To start the registration process, you provide your customers directly with a web link or a QR code that can simply be scanned with a mobile phone.

  • Customers are then guided through the legal aspects such as the terms and conditions and general terms of use as well as the legally binding opt-in and welcomed

  • You can now ask customers for further information. These can be customised according to your requirements.

  • And the registration is complete. You can send messages until the customer unsubscribes (opt-out).

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Practical examples of how your company can use WhatsApp for advertising messages.

Save your customers time and effort by eliminating the need to switch between WhatsApp and other apps or websites. Now customers can discover products or find out about offers all in one conversation.

Offer limited time offers

Promotional messages via WhatsApp are ideal for campaigns with limited-time promotional offers. This way, your advertising message gets the attention it needs. Such messages increase urgency and ensure that your customers don’t lose sight of the limited-time offer.

iPhone, das auf dem Bildschirm den Text zu einem Promotionsangebot in WhatsApp zeigt.
iPhone, das auf dem Bildschirm den Text mit einer Einladung zu einem Event in WhtasApp zeigt.

Inform customers about important events

All customers like to receive personalised and exclusive information. WhatsApp is ideal for informing your target group about special events such as an “open day”, all kinds of celebrations such as anniversaries or a branch opening and combining them with an incentive for customers to enjoy.

Send suitable promotional offers for public holidays

Make sure your promotional messages stand out during busy shopping seasons such as Black Friday, summer sales, Christmas etc. With WhatsApp promotional messages, you can reach your customers directly and effectively without getting lost in the flood of marketing messages. Our WhatsApp solution helps you to stand out in these phases and makes it easier for your customers to discover and take advantage of your offers in good time.

iPhone, das auf dem Bildschirm den Text zu einer Sommeraktion zeigt.
Das Bild zeigt ein iPhone Display mit einem WhatsApp-Newsletter mit dem Thema neue TV Geräte im Geschäft.

Recommend products that your customers might like

Inform your customers about items that they might like because they have already bought them from you or that are related to their browsing behaviour. You can send product lists with details and additional information to make the selection of products more attractive and easier than ever.

Give discounts for special occasions

Send personalised messages for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and any other important dates for your customers. These are great opportunities to send memorable promotional messages to your customers and show your appreciation.

Das Bild zeigt ein iPhone Display mit einem WhatsApp-Newsletter mit dem Thema Geburtstags-Gutschein für einen Kunden.

The future of customer communication is here.

Improve the customer journey through effective communication. You have the freedom to design customised and creative campaigns. Once customers have agreed to receive promotional messages via a WhatsApp newsletter, you can start creating exciting advertising messages in their inbox straight away. Promote your products by advertising them via WhatsApp and giving customers the opportunity to discover your products directly in the app.

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