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Inform your customers immediately about new offers with SMS search subscriptions. Or survey your target groups via SMS.

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Search subscription via SMS for your customers

With an SMS search subscription, you can quickly inform customers and visitors about the latest offers in the areas of real estate, cars and vehicles, auctions, job advertisements, but also about the availability of products on online platforms and in web shops.

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  • Online sales of cars and other vehicles
    Buying a car is very emotional for many people. Fast, personalised information about the latest offers can be the difference between buying or not buying.
  • Text message search subscriptions on property platforms
    Offer prospective customers search subscriptions by text message. This means your clients can find out immediately when a new property is publicised which meets their search criteria.
  • Job adverts from recruitment agencies, headhunters and job platforms
    Send job hunters suitable job adverts by text message, to give them the information in the fastest way possible.
  • Online auction companies
    Every buyer and seller is pleased when he is kept up to date quickly about new offers which meet his criteria.

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Increase sales and improve customer satisfaction of your potential customers by offering them the possibility to track the availability status of a desired product in your shop via SMS.

Offer your customers, prospects & visitors search subscriptions for info

  • A text message search subscription allows you to send the latest information about a search for an apartment, a vehicle, a job, or an online auction, personalised and automatically. The subscriber selects their own personal search criteria. Then he receives the corresponding text messages directly on his mobile phone.
  • In addition, as the operator of an online shop, you can give your visitors the option of receiving a message when a certain product is available for order. This helps you avoid shortfalls in turnover and drives your sales figures. One more advantage of a text message search subscription: You don’t need a separate app or software. And last but not least – text messages can be received on any mobile phone without wifi.

«The more than 32,000 users of our customer portal are very satisfied, as eCall delivers the text message quickly. As operators, we’re happy too as the system has built-in redundancy and so is absolutely reliable.»

– Nadia Englin, Sanitas

Examples of use for SMS search subscriptions

  • Alerts about new properties or their status on property platforms in line with the searcher’s individual preferences
  • Sending information about new offers in the online car and vehicle trade, to match the wishes of the individual potential buyer
  • Communicating the latest job adverts on job platforms in accordance with the candidate’s profile
  • Sending alerts to potential customers with the latest data on availability of selected products from an online shop.
  • Online market place sending new offers for sale or purchase which meet the prospective customer’s criteria

SMS surveys for customers

Ask your customers, patients, employees etc. about the quality of your services and products after an interaction via SMS. Use SMS as a surprising medium in mobile market research. A separate reception number enables direct reception of responses.

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  • High 98% opening rate (email 15 to 30%)
    There is no other kind of communication medium like text message, with this level of opening rate. This means you can replace emails successfully with text messages.
  • Fast, direct contact
    Many customers are not yet very aware of surveys by text message. This means they stand out from the mass of emails and attract more attention and also give a feeling of personal closeness.
  • High response rate of over 50%
    Experience shows that over half of those surveyed using text messages respond. So you can gather lots of critical quality information, to help improve your customer satisfaction levels.

eCall tip

There are two basic ways to collect customer feedback via SMS survey. A) You ask the questions directly in the short message or B) You send a so-called short link to your survey in the message (e.g. on SurveyMonkey).

Download PDF “The two basic variants of customer survey via SMS”.

Follow these five basic rules for carrying out SMS surveys:

Download flyer with basic rules as PDF

SMS surveys support your market and opinion research

  • Opening and response rates for text messages are considerably higher than for emails. We would be happy to give you valuable input regarding customer surveys and customer feedback. We can show you how you can approach your customer successfully by text message.
  • Data collection by text message for mobile market research projects is on-trend once more. That’s why many marketing experts and market researchers are interested in the medium of text messaging again.
  • Text message surveys are absolutely ideal for finding out how satisfied customers are with your services or products. Short, to the point messages are seen as important, and are more likely to be read than emails.
  • Use the enormous reach of text messaging – regardless of apps and the required internet connection. Text messages reach your customers at the right place at the right time.

«A major advantage of eCall is the fast, efficient distribution of information to partners and also internal areas on mobile devices.

– Marco Balli, ASTRA, Head of Traffic Telematics

Examples of use for SMS surveys

  • Determining levels of customer satisfaction for products and services
  • Mobile market research
  • Quality assessment of customer support
  • Surveys within your target group
  • Surveys on customer service

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