Send SMS notifications for critical events or emergencies

Inform your customers quickly and efficiently about critical events or emergencies with SMS notifications. With our emergency subscription service, you can do this reliably and securely.

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The global security situation is dynamic and difficult to assess at the moment. In Switzerland we are also affected by it: Will there be a blackout this winter – if our power grid can no longer withstand the strain? No one knows what could happen. That is why it is all the more important to be well prepared for critical events or emergencies

Our solution helps you to reach your customers quickly and efficiently with important information via SMS messages on their mobile phones. For example, in the event of electricity shortages, tips on how to reduce electricity in the household or upcoming power cuts.

This is how the emergency subscription service for sending SMS notifications works

Your customers, target groups and members independently subscribe and unsubscribe to your information service by SMS using a keyword. You can then send all registered subscribers information by SMS either directly or on a scheduled basis. You have an overview at all times because you can operate your SMS services online yourself.

  • SMS message for logging on and off: “START KEYWORD” and “STOP KEYWORD” to 963
SMS notifications for critical events or emergencies with eCall Business Messaging

Your advantages with the emergency subscription service

  • Self-service:
    No administration effort, as subscribers can register and deregister themselves
  • Tariffing:
    SMS can be charged to the subscriber or offered free of charge

Notify your contacts quickly and reliably

To send important information to a large group , SMS notification is the easiest and fastest way. Even if an email or a post can be made on social networks, SMS is still the most effective way to make a strong impact.

  • The mobile phone is used permanently and is practically always present in everyday life.
  • The open rate of text messages is very high
  • You don’t need an internet connection to receive a text message


of the Swiss population owns a mobile phone


of messages are read in less than 4 minutes


of SMS messages are opened by the recipients

What is a notification SMS

A text message for notification is very similar to an alert, as the content must always contain important information. Commercial offers such as promotions, events or similar have no place in a notification SMS. But, for example, messages about technical faults that are automatically sent to technicians or a power failure, a weather alarm, road traffic disruptions and important appointment reminders – as well as the sending of security codes as OTPs(one-time passwords), mTANs for 2-factor authentication, payment confirmations, etc.

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