Virtual mobile numbers and fax numbers

eCall offers virtual mobile phone numbers and fax numbers for receiving, sending and forwarding messages.

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You can rent these two types of reception numbers

Reception numbers allow your recipients, such as customers and employees, to reply to messages. To rent virtual mobile numbers, you need an eCall

user account. In your eCall account, you will find the corresponding settings for the rental of virtual numbers in the navigation under “Numbers”.

Rent virtual mobile phone numbers

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A dedicated virtual mobile phone number allows you to receive, forward and send online SMS messages. Any received message can be forwarded to one or more recipients. This enables the recipients of your messages, such as customers and employees, to reply to messages. Forwarding can be done via voice message (TTS), e-mail, SMS, fax, TCP/IP or HTTPS – it can also be done using different channels simultaneously, e.g. SMS and e-mail.

Rent your own fax number

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eCall allows you to receive, forward and send fax message with your own virtual number. All the fax messages you receive are displayed in the log of your eCall account. From there, you can forward them as PDF files to any e-mail address. If you want to keep your existing fax number, you can forward it using Swisscom’s “Call forwarding” service.

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eCall tip: «Automatic reply SMS»

Would you like to send automatic reply SMS messages to your customers, patients or employees? eCall does this for you when you receive a message on a virtual mobile phone number rented from us. You can design the content of the replies individually according to your needs.

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Preview of the eCall product brochure: Enterprise Messaging Solutions (SMS, fax, e-mail, push or voice message)

eCall virtual mobile numbers
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Learn from our product brochure how to integrate our business messaging service into your software solutions, CRM and ERP systems or apps without much effort.

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