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Integrate SMS and fax functions via API into your software, programs and websites in just a few minutes: Copy and paste the appropriate code. Get username and password. Test it. All APIs are available exclusively for business customers (except e-mail), whereby the connection is free of charge.

In addition, further down on this page you will find the certificates for eCall’s HTTPS applications for download and also access to our system status page.


Via HTTP/HTTPS access, it is possible to call up a URL directly.

Test HTTPS | View docu


The WebService access allows to send standardized messages to the different call systems.

Test WebService | Docu


This service provides access to the Short Message Peer to Peer interface.

Test SMPP | View docu


UCP is used to exchange SMS between network elements and an SMSC.

Test UCP | View docu


Send a message by e-mail to a mobile phone, pager, fax (incl. file attachment) or to a telephone (voice message).

Info e-mail interface


Via TCP/IP, messages can be sent directly from a software via the internet.

Test TCP/IP | View docu

Access via SMS or Fax

eCall provides access via SMS and access via fax in addition to the other interfaces.

Certificates for the HTTPS applications of eCall

We obtain certificates for our HTTPS applications from DigiCert, Inc. These certificates are pre-installed in many operating systems as well as client applications such as browsers and enjoy excellent acceptance. This means that our certificates are usually accepted out-of-the-box.

System status & registration for notification in case of malfunctions

On our status page you can find out everything about the current status of our various services. In the case of malfunction and service messages concerning our services, we will inform you directly to the e-mail addresses you have requested:

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