Employee information via SMS, push & fax

With our solution, you can send important information to your employees quickly and reliably with text messages: Directly from your usual e-mail program or via our website.

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This is how our customers use eCall for employee information
using SMS in practice

Optimise communication in the areas of information, organisation, operational planning and coordination.

“The Corona pandemic has caught our service company completely unprepared. As a result, we were unable to quickly and easily inform employees of the latest events and our next steps regarding COVID-19.”

– Martin Gubser, Head of HR

Employee information via SMS

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via SMS

eCall supports you in setting up a simple but very efficient information channel to your employees in a few minutes: Open an account, buy points and send SMS. You simply load your contacts via an Excel file into our system and inform your contacts via e-mail-to-SMS or through our SMS portal.

“Operations planning is the name of the game in my restaurant. I would like to be able to coordinate the employees centrally from one place. If there is a sudden no-show, I want to send a message to a specific contact list. I need to reach out to my temps as soon as possible to find a replacement.”

Martin Koch, Restaurant Owner

Deployment planning with SMS messages

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With eCall’s SMS service, you can write SMS on your PC, use templates and send them to individuals or groups of employees. This means that you can reach your temporary staff practically at the touch of a button and can react flexibly if there is a threat of a breakdown.

“My staff is on the road all day with different clients. In order to send them new orders directly and schedule efficiently, I need to reach them on a mobile device, but I don’t want to bother them with a phone call.”

– Rolf Marty, Logistics Specialist

Coordinate & organise employees

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Through our online portal, you can send SMS over the Internet from your computer. This allows you to reach employees who are on the road and do not have a fixed computer workstation. The SMS gateway can be connected to your scheduling software via an interface.

“Organizing meetings with busy people is becoming increasingly difficult these days. I’d love to be able to send meeting invites directly from my Outlook calendar, regardless of what calendar my colleagues are working with.”

– Monika Fischer, Secretary

Meeting invitations Outlook calendar

Icon eCall Appointment reminder

Use a text message from your email program to send appointment requests from your Outlook calendar or send tasks via SMS. Regardless of which calendar your colleagues or employees use.

“We have faxes coming in and going out every day. Even if faxing seems outdated, we need it for receiving orders from customers and forwarding orders internally. Sooner or later the analogue network will be shut down, and we’ll urgently need a replacement.”

– Klaus Kaufmann, Pharmacist

Send information by fax

Icon eCall Fax

With eCall, you can receive, send or forward fax messages as emails. In the same way, you can send SMS via any email program, e.g. Outlook. Our cloud service can be operated worldwide online, and works with all email programs. Our fax gateway connects the service to your software and business systems.

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