Employee information via SMS, push & fax

With our solution, you can send important information to your employees quickly and reliably with text messages: Directly from your usual email programme or via our website.

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This is how our customers use eCall for employee information
via SMS in practice

Optimise communication in the areas of information, organisation, operational planning and coordination.

“The Corona pandemic has caught our service company completely unprepared. We were therefore unable to quickly and easily inform staff about the latest events and our next steps in operations regarding COVID-19.”

– Martin Gubser, Head of HR

Employee information via SMS

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via SMS

eCall helps you to set up a simple but very efficient information channel to your employees within a few minutes: Open an account, buy points and send SMS. You simply load your contacts into our system via an Excel file and inform your contacts via e-mail2SMS or via our SMS portal.

“Operations planning is the cornerstone of my restaurant business.  I’d like to be able to coordinate my staff centrally from a single point, so that if there’s a sudden no-show in my staff roster, I can get in touch with a specific list of contacts.  I have to be able to reach my standby staff as fast as possible to get a replacement.”

Martin Koch, Restaurant Owner

Deployment planning with SMS messages

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With eCall SMS Service, you can use your computer to write text messages and create templates. You can send messages to individuals or groups of employees, allowing you to contact them virtually instantly at the press of a button.

“My staff spend the whole day visiting various customers. To send new orders to them directly and plan operations efficiently, I have to be able to reach them on a mobile device, but I don’t want to interrupt them by calling.”

– Rolf Marty, Logistics specialist

Coordinate & organise employees

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By using our online portal, you can send text messages from your computer by Internet. You can contact employees any time, even when they are on the move instead of at a desk. The SMS Gateway is connected to your operations planning software via an interface.

“These days, it’s more and more difficult to organize meetings with busy company members. I’d like to send out meeting invitations directly from my Outlook calendar, regardless of which calendar my colleagues use.”

– Monika Fischer, Secretary

Appointment Invitations Outlook Calendar

Icon eCall Appointment reminder

Use an ‘email text message’ to send appointment inquiries or tasks from your Outlook calendar in text message form––regardless of which calendar your colleagues or employees use.

“Faxes come in and go out here every day. Although faxing may seem outdated, we need it for receiving orders from customers and forwarding orders in-house. Sooner or later the analog network will be shut down, and we’ll urgently need a replacement.”

– Klaus Kaufmann, Pharmacist

Send information via fax

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eCall allows you to receive, send and forward faxes as emails. Our cloud-based service operates worldwide via the Internet, and works with all email programs. Our Fax-Gateway connects the service to your software and business systems.

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