SMS in the retail, gastronomy, service and trade sectors

Use of eCall Business Messaging in the catering, service and retail sector

In the service, retail, catering and service sectors, eCall transmits information for customers and employees via SMS and fax, but also information on the delivery status of parcel shipments or reservation confirmations for restaurant guests.

SMS function for the Rega app

eCall in use

When Rega receives an alarm, the first thing the Operations Centre asks for is the caller’s location. This location is often not possible at first go and further clarifications have to be made. At best, this means that important minutes are wasted. The application “iRega” offers assistance and supports the alarm process. When an alarm is triggered, “iRega” immediately sends the coordinates and personal data previously stored in the application. Response messages are sent via the SMS portal to customers who have activated the iRega app to confirm the alert.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

With “iRega”, valuable time can be saved in emergencies at home and abroad. F24 Switzerland (formerly Dolphin Systems AG) is involved in its development and operation as a technical partner.

Delivery status by SMS

eCall in use

The Migros subsidiary Ex Libris uses the eCall SMS Gateway for customer communication. As soon as an ordered item has arrived at the desired store, the customer is informed: When the goods receipt is posted, the system forwards the data relevant for the pickup to eCall. The portal sends the notification that the goods are ready for collection by SMS or e-mail to the customer. This process is fully automated. For this comprehensive project, the service was selected as the winner in 2012 at the “Best of Swiss Web Award” in the category “Business Efficiency” and awarded the Gold Buoy.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

“With seamless process integration and the highest possible level of automation, people are no longer shopping in the channel, they’re shopping in the brand. This has also contributed significantly to customer satisfaction.”

– Jürg Bühler, Head of E-Business Ex Libris AG

Fax communication with branches

eCall in use

The Swiss family business OTTO’S uses eCall for fax communication with its stores. They use the fax service primarily where employees do not have a fixed computer workstation. The web-based portal replaces an in-house system. By switching to a modern online fax solution, the retailer saves on hardware, maintenance and licensing costs.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

“We are happy with the fax solution. So far we haven’t had any interruptions or unexplained errors. The changeover to the eCall solution took place without any problems. We always get quick and knowledgeable responses to our questions.” 

– Thomas Lötscher

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