SMS in the retail, catering, service and trade sectors

Use of eCall Business Messaging in the catering, service and retail sector

In the service, trade, catering and service sector, eCall transmits information via SMS and fax for customers and employees, but also information on the delivery status of parcels or reservation confirmations for restaurant guests.

SMS function for the Rega app

eCall in use

When Rega receives an alarm, the operation headquarters first asks the caller for their location. It is often not possible to determine the location immediately; further explanations are required, which take up potentially valuable time. The company’s iRega app helps to solve the problem and support the alarm process. When an alarm is sent, iRega immediately sends the location coordinates to the headquarters, together with any personal details previously saved in the program. The SMS portal sends out replies to customers that have activated the iRega app to confirm the alarm.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

“iRega” can save valuable time in emergencies at home or abroad. F24 Schweiz AG (former Dolphin Systems AG) is the technical partner for development and operation of the app.

Delivery status by SMS

eCall in use

The Migros subsidiary Ex-Libris uses eCall’s SMS Gateway in its customer communication. Customers that place orders are informed as soon as the item arrives at the desired branch. When incoming goods are entered in the merchandise management system, the system notifies eCall and forwards the relevant data for collection of the order. The eCall gateway sends an SMS or email to the customer that the item is ready for collection. The process is fully automated. The extensive project received the 2012 Best of Swiss Web Award in the Business Efficiency category, and was presented with the Golden Buoy trophy.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

“In a world of seamless process information and maximum automation, today’s consumers shop within the brand, not the retail channel. This has had a key impact on customer satisfaction.”

– Jürg Bühler, Head of E-Business Ex Libris AG

Fax communication with branches

eCall in use

Swiss-based family-run company OTTO’S uses eCall for fax communication with its branches. The fax service is primarily used where employees do not have a fixed workstation with computer access. The Web-based portal replaces an internal system. By moving to a modern online fax solution, the retail company saves on hardware, maintenance and licensing costs.

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Why customers appreciate eCall

“We’re satisfied with the fax solution and have had no interruptions to service or unexplained faults. The switch to eCall’s fax service went smoothly. And we always get fast, expert answers to our questions.” 

– Thomas Lötscher

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