eCall Dialin
Formerly Swisscom SMS Single Account

Important information:

Do you use the “eCall Dialin” service to send SMS in case of technical faults and alarms?
As of July 1, 2022, the number 079 499 89 90 has been deactivated.
From then on, your alerts or fault messages to this number will no longer work.

Our new offer for you

To ensure that your fault messages or alerts do not go unanswered as of July 1, we are offering you a new number and a contract,
which runs directly through F24 Schweiz AG. You will find the conditions here in the contract

After signing the contract, you must change the number in the affected devices to which the messages are sent. Technically, everything else remains the same.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you: [email protected] or +41 44 787 30 70.

This is how eCall Dialin works – simply send SMS via modem

Do you want to send an SMS message without a data connection and inform about the status of a device, for example?

Simply send an SMS directly from your application or from your sensor/device via modem.

Application examples

A remote water reservoir, a sewage treatment plant or e.g. a heating system has sensors that report malfunctions. Then Dialin can alert the on-call service via SMS using an ordinary telephone connection with modem.

Build redundancy

Despite a failed internet connection in case of a server or technical breakdown, it is easy to alert via redundancy by SMS. A technician can be dispatched for the repair and thus the breakdown can be resolved promptly.

SMS dispatch without data connection

What if remote areas lack cell phone or data connections such as ADSL? Most of the time there is a landline telephone connection. This can be used to send a status or alarm message via SMS from such locations.


  • Your application/device with modem supports Universal Computer Protocol (UCP)
  • Only one SMS can be sent at a time per connection setup
  • If a message cannot be sent, it is temporarily stored for 24 hours
  • Swisscom requirement: To prevent misuse, the SMS sender is the same as the number of your telephone connection

Response times

Normally the response time of Dialin is between 2 to 5 seconds; in the worst case 10 seconds. If there is no positive answer from Dialin within the time predefined in the sending device, the call will be repeated. This leads to multiple sending of SMS message.

This must be taken into account during on-site configuration

However, if the response time cannot be adjusted at the sending device, we can parameterize this in Dialin for a specific number. However, this assumes that no acknowledgement of receipt from the SMS-C center is required. If this is required, please call us so that we can adjust the configuration in dailin for you.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive solution in the area of alerting or crisis management?

eCall Dialin works simply and reliably. If you are looking for more powerful solutions, we can offer you various products in the area of alerting and crisis management. We are happy to advise you.

eCall Dialin – formerly SMS Single Account from Swisscom

F24 Schweiz AG has been operating Swisscom’s former “SMS Single Account” service since 2013. At the end of 2015, Swisscom had decided to decommission the number 079 499 89 90, which will now be finally implemented on July 1, 2022. As far as possible, we have informed the users of the service several times, most recently in May 2022.

Contact us if you use the service and are not sure whether you already have the new number in use, so that you can continue to send SMS without interruption.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you personally.

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