Capture guest contact details via QR code by SMS

Implement your Covid-19 protection concept efficiently without an app:
Register and inform guests or customers via QR code by SMS

Illustration Application QR Code with the Smartphone

The reliable SMS solution
for easy recording and tracing of personal contacts

The relaxation of the corona lockdown decided by the Federal Council is linked to a corresponding protection concept for companies. The traceability of contacts in the event of a suspicion of corona and the warning of any affected people play a key role here.

Registrate contact data of your guests and customers for suspected COVID-19 quickly via SMS. With our SMS service you can record the contact details and forward them to the cantonal authorities if required. Without app or other programs.

Do you have symptoms of COVID-19
or questions about coronavirus?

Contact your cantonal doctor or the Coronavirus Infoline:
+41 58 463 00 00, 6am to 11pm

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The data acquisition via QR code by SMS is as simple as this

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Easy data acquisition for guests & customers without an app.

For whom is the registration of guests and customers suitable?

A protection concept is still required for all publicly accessible facilities and businesses as well as for events. This must ensure the tracing of close contacts

(contact tracing) if both the distance (1.5 metres) and the protective measures cannot be observed. Contact tracing is also used in the following areas, for example.

  • Gastronomy: Guest registration in restaurants and bars (protection concept of Gastrosuisse)
  • Discotheques/Night clubs: recording of visitors
  • Village shops and stores: Contact details of the clientele
  • Ecclesiastical events/worship services: Recording contact details of the participants
  • Casinos
  • Amusement parks and animal parks
  • Zoological and botanical gardens
  • Swimming pools and wellness facilities

► All measures, ordinance and explanations of the Federal Council on coronavirus.

Contact tracing and data registration is as simple as this

1. Customers scan QR code with their smartphone

We will provide you with a personal QR code that you print out and affix in a clearly visible place in your restaurant, event, shop or company.

Scanning the QR code will trigger an SMS message to your virtual mobile number. By sending the SMS message, your customers sign up for the SMS information service.

Most smartphones already have a QR Code function integrated in their camera and therefore do not require an app for scanning. As an alternative to the QR code, your customers can also manually send an SMS message to your virtual number.

Illustration Anwendung QR-Code mit dem Smartphone
Illustration Application QR Code with the Smartphone

Test out the QR code yourself!

eCall data registration via SMS (QR code example)

Sample text of an SMS message to capture contact details (customisable):

“I am your guest today.
First name:
Date of birth:
Please inform me in case of suspected COVID-19 on this number.”

Illustration Anwendung QR-Code mit dem Smartphone
Illustration Application Logbook eCall

2. Registrations are collected in the log book

In the logbook on the eCall portal you can see the registrations for your SMS information service – sorted in chronological order. This way you always have an overview of who and when was a guest at your hotel. And after 2 weeks – this is the protection concept – you can easily delete the data with a mouse click.

3. In the event of an incident:
Export contact list and send to authorities

In case of a suspicion of corona, you can inform your guests specifically and simultaneously in the respective time window. In this way you can reach affected groups as quickly as possible. If necessary, you can simply export the contact details and forward them to the cantonal authorities.

→ Tip: With Mail2SMS you can even conveniently send an SMS message to groups from your e-mail program.

Illustration Anwendung QR-Code mit dem Smartphone
Illustration Application File export from eCall portal
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Your advantages at a glance

  • Quality – send messages with a direct connection to top Swiss providers
  • Data security – data remains in Switzerland at all times
  • Reliability – system availability of > 99.8 % thanks to redundant gateway infrastructure
  • Tempo – delivery of business SMS to the whole world in seconds
  • Service – billing via monthly invoice, own sender numbers

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